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84: On My Own

My wife left two days ago on a trip with her sisters for a week. Today, our daughter left on a school trip. I am on my own now for a week.

Being on my own is out of the ordinary at this stage of my life. Typically, my wife and our daughter are here at home. At this hour on a school night, we are usually in the rhythm of family dinner and watching the news and spending time together.

As I write, the house is silent. This time apart is what I make of it. I am fortunate that I am comfortable with keeping company with myself. I love to read. I love my work, and I will have even more time to do so. And yes, I will likely watch a few more hockey games as well.

I am a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is fond of saying,"You're gonna die." His point is that your life is a gift. It's what you make of it. When you are served up some extended time alone, it's an opportunity to reflect on life and dive a bit deeper into reflection and self-awareness. Lately, I have been remembering the importance of solitude - time apart with no inputs. So, I will make sure each day I am on my own this week to spend time with myself. Without my phone and TV and books. Just time alone. Me with me. I will be excited when my wife and our daughter return home. I will appreciate them even more. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. But between now and then, I will be here now, with myself and fully present in the moment.


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