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83: Going to the Gym

I went to the gym this morning and worked out. I park my car along the Charles River and walk into Wellbridge Athletic Club at the Charles Hotel. The walk is a tonic. Unplugged. Some solitude time.

My workout is nothing fancy. Exercise bike. Some sit ups. Sometimes a few weights. Followed by steam room and shower.

Without fail, I feel fantastic after completing my workout. Energized. I had a stretch last year where I went over 60 days in a row to the gym. More recently, I went a similar period of time without making it once.

Going to the gym is a good thing. It's a gift. As are so many things that are part of a daily regimen Like eating healthy food. And getting enough rest.

Doing the right thing is always the right thing. I'll be back to at the gym in the morning.


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