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79: March Snow

It is Saturday, March 2, 2019, and there is fresh snow on the ground outside our kitchen window in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This morning I shoveled snow. When I arrived at my first appointment to meet with a potential seller client, he was shoveling the walk.

Only 28 days in February this year. Just like that it was March 1st on Friday. I think the new month had me and many others in New England dreaming of spring. The snow today (and more expected Sunday night into Monday morning) is a reminder that winter is still here. I just watched a bit of the PGA Honda Classic golf tournament from Florida. It's a whole different world in the sunshine state. Snow and potholes are hard for folks to fathom in Palm Beach. I remember some years ago when there was a big snowstorm on April 1st. No April fool's - a real snowstorm. Snow that late in the season is much harder to accept. We are so close to spring here when April arrives.

Today is a day for a hot tea and a good book and turning up the heat. On days like today I dream of having a fireplace. Well, at any rate, I am home from work now and glad for that.

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