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77: Sunny Day

A sunny day today in Cambridge and Somerville. I started my day working at the office in Harvard Square. Thereafter, I had a good showing at one of my listings with a colleague and her buyer. From there, I found my way to a property a buyer client of mine is purchasing outside Porter Square to meet with my buyer's interior designer so that she could take measurements and begin to map out her design plans. It felt fantastic to be back at this property on the other side of an accepted offer. It's a wonderful home. While the designer was busy, I sat in the living room working away on my new computer. I recalled that it was when I was last here some weeks ago that I realized my old computer was acting up and I needed to get a new one. I paused today to give thanks for my new MacBook Air, which is humming along and working beautifully.

I ended the day by showing another one of my current listings in Cambridge. A good showing. Thoughtful and thorough. I return to this same address on Friday afternoon for another showing.

My ankle sprain slowed me down today. Taking it slow, and grateful that it is not worse than it is. The body is healing. Hope to be 100% again in a few days.

Home now. It is 31 degrees right now, going down to 18 tonight. It's cold outside! I started the day by shoveling. Fortunately, the snow was light and fluffy and easy to shovel. Late February in New England. And so it goes.


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