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70: Somerville Car wash

After returning from a road trip in a winter storm this weekend, my VW Tiguan was covered in salt and snow and ice and slush and dirt. That meant the Somerville Car Wash was my first stop.

After many years driving out to the Belmont Car Wash, I awakened several years ago to the much closer to home convenience of the Somerville Car Wash. Annual membership means I can get my car washed once a day, every day of the year. The crew who works at Somerville Car Wash is very nice, and there is always one or more guys on hand ready to hand-dry my car when I come through.

I like to keep my car super clean, inside and out. I find that I enjoy driving that much more when my car is kept neat and tidy. And, because I am Realtor, I am sometimes out with clients in my car. At that point, it is my mobile office.

It's interesting how little things like your car being kept clean can positively impact your mood. A clean, well-lighted place is a good place to be.


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