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68: You Gotta Do

I love this quote from Gary Vaynerchuk. You gotta do.

Want to get in shape? You gotta

- Go the gym

- Take walks

- Improve your diet

- Drink less alcohol and more water

And by the way - this is how you stay in shape once you get in shape.

Want to get your finances in order? You gotta

- Make a budget and stick to it

- Make money

- Pay off your debts

And by the way, this is how you keep your finances in order after you get them in order.

Want to be a successful real estate agent? You gotta

- Develop and maintain an understanding of real estate in your marketplace

- Follow up with others on a regular basis and deliver value

- Maintain a positive mindset and come from abundance rather than scarcity

And by the way, this is how you continue to succeed after you have succeeded.

Want better relationships with family and friends? You gotta

- Spend time together

- Learn to listen

- Address what needs to be addressed and work it out

- Find joy

And by the way, this is how you grow forward once you have made things better.

Push-ups: You gotta do them.

Getting in shape: You gotta be disciplined.

Getting your finances in order: You gotta make and understand money.

Being a successful real estate agent: You gotta follow up and deliver value.

Better relationships with family and friends: You gotta listen and work it out and find joy.


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