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58: Apple Computer

Yesterday, I purchased a new Apple computer for myself for the first time in more than five years. I decided to go back to the MacBook Air. I just wish that there was a 15-inch air model. Oh, well. One day.

It's remarkable how much computers have improved over the last thirty years.This new MacBook Air is a dream. Quiet. Light. Bright screen. LOVE IT. And I went with space gray rather than silver. Stepping out a little:) Steve Jobs would approve of this little beast.

Yes, I'm going to miss my magnetic plug and USB port. And so it goes. Change happens.

I am actually going to adopt a two-computer lifestyle for the first time ever. My MacBook Pro will live on at my office, and my Air will be the computer I take with me everywhere. Not as heavy. And in the era of cloud storage and file sharing, I can count on my MacBook Air to get whatever needs to be done accomplished.

Next up for me is replacing the battery on my old MacBook Pro. It's on order. It will be interesting to see how long it serves me in its second life resting on my office desk.

Interesting how computer users are either Apple or PC. With the exception of a few years in my 40s, I have always been Apple. I am pretty sure I always will be.


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