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55: Boston Globe

I have read a newspaper pretty much every day of my life for 40 years. For the first twenty years, I read the New York Times. For the last twenty years, I have read the Boston Globe. About five years ago, I shifted from home delivery of the printed newspaper to an all-digital subscription that I open on my iPad. I like that you can download today's paper with the Boston Globe app and essentially experience today's paper online. It even looks like the actual newspaper page.

I find that I actually prefer the Boston Globe digitally. For one thing, it is available every day without fail. In my final years as a subscriber to the print edition, I had endless delivery problems. And vacation time required a phone call to suspend delivery. With a digital subscription, I can read the Boston Globe every day, no matter where I am.

It will be interesting to see if newspapers survive. Not one person I know under the age of 20 reads one. As for me, I cannot imagine starting my day without a coffee and the Boston Globe. I will subscribe as long as the paper exists. Sports. Local news. Basic pulse for Greater Boston and New England and the nation. It's a bit of a miracle the newspaper is published each and every day


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