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51: Boston 4th of July Fireworks

I love the 4th of July fireworks in Boston. Billed as the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, this annual event takes place on the Esplanade, with the Boston Pops performing in the Hatch Shell and the actual fireworks launched from a barge on the Charles River.

I live outside Inman Square in Cambridge. In the years I have attended, I have walked down to Memorial Drive to watch from the Cambridge shore of the Charles River. Years ago, the Harvard Bridge connecting Cambridge and Boston was kept open. I have fond memories of watching the fireworks from the bridge.

This video of the Boston fireworks in 2011 was filmed from atop the Carpenter Center at Harvard, just outside of Harvard Yard. If you have never seen the Boston 4th of July fireworks, this will give you a good sense of how special it is:

Even if I am out of town on the 4th of July, I like watch the Boston 4th of July celebration if I can on television. It's a special night in Boston and Cambridge.


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