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47: BBC World Service

I grew up in the pre-internet era. From an early age, I took a liking to listening to the BBC on the radio. NPR stations could be counted on for BBC programming here and there. However, I wanted to listen to the BBC more often, so I invested in a shortwave radio. I remember moving my Sony around the house and adjusting the antenna to improve reception. It was always hit or miss - even when I replaced my first shortwave radio with a bigger and better one.

These days, I listen to BBC via the internet and the connection is perfect! Or I listen in my car via the BBC channel on Sirius XM satellite radio. Ah, the simple pleasures of life! Even today, it's a like a miracle to me when London comes in clear as a bell.

I love that there are no ads on BBC. In addition to the news bulletin every 30 minutes, there are longer and more in-depth reports and interviews from all over the world. A favorite show of mine on BBC is From Our Own Correspondent. A reporter in his or her own voice paints a picture in words about something happening in some place in the world. In today's fast-paced visual world, I find this old-fashioned oral storytelling refreshing.

On Saturday mornings, I enjoy the extended coverage of the English Premier League. Even though I am not a huge fan of English football, I enjoy listening to the play-by-play.

In the modern world, everyone can easily reach for their preferred cup of tea. Mine is the BBC.


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