• Charles Cherney

38: Remembering Scott

In 2018, my brother-in-law Scott passed away. Too soon. I miss him. Always will. I first met Scott in the year 2001. I soon came to love him like a brother. He lived on the West Coast and I live on the East Coast, so we usually only saw one another once or twice a year. It was always a treat to get together and hang out. Scott had a great sense of humor, and he always made me laugh. Scott loved mystery novels, as do I, and we enjoyed sharing favorite books with one another.

Scott was a talented carpenter and an avid cyclist. I am neither. Scott was fine with that. He accepted me for who I am - as I did him. Our respective wives - twin sisters - are what brought us together. And it was family time, usually on vacation, that we found ourselves in each other's company. I cherish now my many summer memories of being with Scott on Martha's Vineyard. Going to the beach. Watching a soccer game. Sitting on the deck at sunset enjoying a Margarita.

The last time I saw Scott was on a summer trip to Lake Michigan. I remember on that trip taking in the 4th of July fireworks over Sleeping Bear Bay, followed by an awe-inspiring lightning storm. We stayed up late looking at the stars and sharing stories and enjoying each other's company. I am really grateful now for that time. For all my time with Scott.

Life goes fast. Treasure each day and your loved ones. Miss you Scott. Love you. Always.