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3: Two Kinds - Bernadette Jiwa

Reading Bernadatte Jiwa's book "Story Driven" (2018). Excellent business book.

Jiwa notes a company is either competition-driven or story-driven.



Competitors + Winning

Competition-driven companies are all about making money. About dominating. About increasing market share. Keeping score. The bottom line. Finishing first. Winning at all costs. Trying to matter by winning.



Customers + Mattering

Story-driven companies respond to customers. They have a clear sense of purpose and a strong identity. Very little focus on the competition. Rather, they are intent on making a meaningful impact. "They thrive by making the connection between their purpose and prosperity. Their goal is to make a difference." Winning by mattering.

The Charles Cherney Team at Compass is a story-driven company. We have a clear sense of purpose. Namely, to help our buyers buy the right home and our sellers sell for the best price. We are intent on making a meaningful difference in the lives of clients. We win when they win. We don't matter by winning. Rather, we win by mattering.


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