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16: We See You - Bernadette Jiwa

I have just finished reading Bernadatte Jiwa's business book "The Fortune Cookie Principle." (2012). Jiwa concludes by saying,"The goal of business must no longer be to find more ways to say 'here we are; notice us.' It has to be about reaching out to the customer and saying 'we see you.'"

As Jiwa notes, "Influencing how your customers perceive your brand is about changing how they feel in every interaction. If you want your customers to feel a certain way, you're going to have work hard to get them there."

For example, here is what working hard looks like for me as a Realtor when hosting an open house:

- Arriving early to prepare the house for visitors and organize my welcome station.

- Having all available information about the house clear in my mind and readily available to share with others.

- Knowing about recent sales in the neighborhood so that I can share this information.

- Having access to times for other open houses nearby to share with visitors if asked.

- Greeting each guest with eye contact and a warm hello and being available to answer their questions during their visit.

- At the end, turning out lights and locking all doors and leaving house as I found it.

- Following up with each visitor who signed in to see if I can be of further service.

Working hard is not hard work if you love what you do and do it well and with intention.

As Jiwa notes in her book, real marketing is "something that you do organically when your business is aligned with your mission and values." Obsession with details - working hard - is your real marketing. It's your way of saying to your customers, "We see you."

If you visit one of my open houses, I will say hello. I will answer your questions. I will provide valuable information. I will follow up with you. And because I have seen you, we may see one another again.


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