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14: Outside Lies Magic - John Stilgoe

I am pretty sure I once read "Outside Lies Magic" (1999) by Harvard Professor John Stilgoe. This book, as noted on Amazon, "is about the acute observation of ordinary things, about becoming aware in everyday places, about seeing in utterly new ways, about enriching your life unexpectedly."

If reading the book is a distant memory, the title and the thesis loom large - Outside lies magic.

When was the last time you looked up and contemplated the magic and the mystery of the sky? Its infinity. Its many moods. Those clouds moving with such majesty. The sun's warmth. The moon's brightness. The sparkle of so many stars lighting up the dark..

When was the last time you contemplated the breeze blowing through the trees? The sound it makes. How it makes the branches dance.

Can you recall the last time you looked at the puddle at your feet before crossing the street? Its mirror-like surface. The rainbow of colors along one edge. The tiny leaf floating on its surface like a boat.

It's there. Everywhere. Magic. And the more aware you become of it, the more joyfulness defines your journey.

Take a look around today. And every day. As often as you can.


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