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106: Just Dance! Elena Cruz

I recently discovered shuffle dancer Elena Cruz-Nichipor on YouTube.

The following video makes for a nice introduction to her amazing dancing:

Born in Florida in 1993, Elena is said to have attended her first music fest at age 21.

Her dancing is something to behold. She is clearly enjoying herself! And it all seems so effortless. What's not to love! (Click here to check out Elena on Instagram.)

Elena's dancing brings to mind this quote from Osho:

Her dancing is a celebration of life right now, in this very moment. The goal is not to get through the song. Each moment - each movement - is the goal.

For sure, your shuffling (like mine) probably looks a lot more like this:

And that's just fine! Joy is everyone's birthright. Shake a leg! It's not a contest.

Moving is joyful. Dancing impacts us tremendously. This couple in China found shuffle dancing helpful in overcoming the husband's depression after a car accident:

Okay, so maybe shuffle dancing isn't your thing. That's fine. Just dance!

Here's Sean Stephenson (RIP) dancing in his wheelchair!

So, whether is Elena's breathtaking moves or an old man's simple shuffle or Sean's dance party that inspires you, I hope that you get your groove on! Life is meant to be a joyful journey. Immediacy itself is the ultimate.

Let's let Elena Cruz have the last moves:


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