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99: Joe Rand - Communication

I am a real estate agent. Recently, I read Joe Rand's book How to be a Great Real Estate Agent (2019). Towards the end of the book, Joe goes through the ten elements of a great client experience.

Number 6 on Joe Rand's list is COMMUNICATION.

"A great client experience," writes Rand, "requires keeping the client informed at every step of the transaction."

Many clients like to communicate by email. Some by telephone. Others by text. A few in person. You need to discover HOW your client likes to communicate.

Some clients like daily updates. Others like updates each week. Some after each event. You need to discover HOW OFTEN your client likes to communicate.

My seller client Jim likes to communicate by email. He likes me to email him after each open house and after each showing. He likes me to email him when there is relevant market information, such as a new competing listing now for sale or a buyer's agent who showed Jim's house last week reaching out to me to let me know he wants to plan a second showing. And Jim likes to hop on the phone when we he wants to talk to me. That's how it works with Jim. And it works.

Communication is key. "Don't let your reluctance to talk to an unhappy client," Rand observes, "induce you into making things worse by ignoring them." If you are paying attention to your buyer and seller clients, you are communicating with them on a regular basis. Silence is not always golden.


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