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98: Joe Rand - Generosity

I am a real estate agent. Recently, I read Joe Rand's book How to be a Great Real Estate Agent (2019). Towards the end of the book, Joe goes through the ten elements of a great client experience.

Number 7 on Joe Rand's list is GENEROSITY.

"Great companies" writes Rand, "put clients and their needs first."

Examples of generosity in my own experience as a Realtor: - Receiving a seller client's revisions to my description of their home. Working together to get the description just right. - Tidying up a client's home prior to an open house when the client is too overwhelmed to do it.

- Driving a buyer client to the airport after our property tour to give us more time to talk and make sure they make their flight.

- Completing a valuation analysis on short notice on Sunday evening for a buyer who must decide if they are going to make an offer by the bid deadline on Monday.

Great real estate agents take care of their clients.


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