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94: Joe Rand - Delight

I am a real estate agent. Recently, I read Joe Rand's book How to be a Great Real Estate Agent (2019). Towards the end of the book, Joe goes through the ten elements of a great client experience.

Number 10 on Joe Rand's list is DELIGHT.

"Delight," Rand writes, "is a bonus, something that you create naturally when you're fully committed to providing an outstanding client service."

Delight is finding those opportunities to add a little bit of magic on the journey you are on with your client. Rand calls it "Bringing the Wow!"

For me as a Realtor, opportunities to add magic this past week included

- Rescuing a client who was stranded and could not drive her car.

- Hiring an interior designer to help a developer figure out a challenging room configuration.

- Literally helping an elderly seller client move when up against a deadline and needing help.

- Delivering a bottle of champagne at closing to a buyer client.

Rand believes that adding magic is "the residue of a creative expansive commitment to providing exceptional service experiences for other people." Indeed.


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