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92: Real Estate Sessions Podcast - Bill Risser

In the last several weeks, I discovered Bill Risser's Real Estate Sessions podcast. I have been a Realtor since 1999. This podcast is a fantastic resource for real estate agents. In short, it's essentially a graduate seminar in real estate. And it's available online. For free. To be enjoyed from wherever you happen to be.

This week while on vacation I have listened to several podcast episodes, including Episode 184 with Joe Rand. Joe Rand has written a book entitled How to be a Great Real Estate Agent. Thanks to Bill Risser, I now know about Joe Rand. And after listening to the podcast episode with Joe, I will surely read his book.

It's interesting to me that Bill Risser himself is not a real estate agent. He works at Fidelity National Title in Tampa, Florida. However, he is clearly knowledgeable about the real estate space. And a fantastic podcast host. I am fortunate to know a number of Bill's podcast guests, including Jimmy Mackin, Judy Weiniger, Lee Atkins, Anthony Malafronte and Amit Bhuta. I look forward to spending time with each of them on Bill's podcast. And to discovering many other new and worthwhile voices in the world of real estate.

Bill Risser is a new little miracle in my life. I am grateful.


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