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69: Bookstores

I am visiting Hanover, New Hampshire today. Home to Dartmouth College. And no longer home to Dartmouth Bookstore. Walking down Main Street, I was surprised to see the Dartmouth Bookstore was no more. Closed. An Ivy League college town without a bookstore selling new books?

A Google search revealed some very good news - A 2011 Dartmouth alumna plans to open Still North Books & Bar on the first floor of the same building in the fall of 2019.

Bookstores are magical places. Understood that in the Amazon era, a bookstore benefits by doing more than just selling books. It sounds like Still North Books & Bar has the right ideas in mind - serving food and drink, as well as hosting special events. I look forward to returning to Hanover when Still North Books is open.

Back home in Cambridge, there is Harvard Book Store and the Harvard Coop and Porter Square Books. Grateful for all three of these bookstores selling books in the city I call home.


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