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44: Delray Beach, Florida

I love Delray Beach, Florida. Both my mother and my sister have vacation condos here in the same small association located a half-block from the Atlantic Ocean. Every year since 2006, I have been fortunate enough to visit with my family - in March during our daughter's spring break, and again at Christmas and New Year's.

- When visiting Delray Beach, I am grateful to be able to get along without a rental car. I can use my mom's car to get to the grocery store or run an errand. Other than that, I walk.

- I love walking along the beach. No hi-rises. And the beach is very well-maintained. It's ideal for a long walk with the waves lapping at your feet. Equally nice is the sidewalk above the beach. Beach walks are what Delray is all about.

- I love the small surfing community that comes out when the waves are up. It's fun to watch them. There's something about the surfer culture.

- I love the Intracoastal Waterway and the bridges over it that rise up several times an hour during the day for boats to pass through.

- I love Margarita Monday at El Camino on 2nd Avenue. Great lunches there over the years

- I love swimming in the recently rebuilt pool at the Colony Cabana Club. It's magnificent.

- I love sitting in the sun on my sister's back porch at the start of the day. - I love taking bike rides with my daughter in the nearby neighborhood with many magnificent homes.

- I love the many family memories made while staying at my sister's place. Her place is aptly named Sea Palm. I so appreciate my sister sharing Sea Palm with us. And my mom being downstairs at Sea Walk.

I am grateful for all the happy memories in Delray Beach, Florida. Already excited about returning in March!


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