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61: Legendary Hockey Broadcaster Bob Cole

Legendary broadcaster Bob Cole was the primary play-by-play announcer for Hockey Night in Canada on CBC from 1980 to 2008. From 2008 to 2018, he was the number two play-play man for Hockey Night in Canada. This year, after 50 years on air, Bob Cole is retiring.

I have been an avid hockey fan my whole life. Growing up in suburban Detroit, I was able to watch Hockey Night in Canada on CBC. When I moved away, I missed Hockey Night - and the sound of Bob Cole's voice. Eventually, the NHL Center Ice package on cable tv was created, and once again Hockey Night in Canada - and the voice of Bob Cole - was in my life. Check out this sample of some great play-by-play calls by Bob Cole.

Bob Cole is absolutely fantastic. I only wish that one could hear his voice during the NHL playoffs in the United States. Sadly, once the playoffs roll around, all coverage in the US is via US networks.

When I hear Bob Cole's voice, I could be 8 years old or 18 years old or 28 years old or 38 years old or 48 years old. Because Bob Cole has been calling hockey games my entire life. I'm going to miss Bob Cole. Fifty years on air. Amazing.


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