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34: Three Best Sales Questions - Chris Smith

I enjoyed listening again to the podcast Calls With Chris Smith Episode 5: The Three Best Sales Questions. The questions are from Ago Cluytens and appear below:

Question 1 - Where do you want to be? As Chris says, "Get the prospect to start the conversation by describing a perfect world for them."

Question 2 - Where are you now? If you are paying attention to the answer to this question, you will ask good follow-up questions. As Chris says, "The best questions are the ones you ask after you listen to what the other person says."

Question 3 - What is holding you back? As Chris says, "That's why we're here." You may have the tool kit to deliver the solution.

These three questions make the person you are talking with the center of attention. Active listening and good follow-up questions makes the conversation you are having truly matter. It creates the possibility that you can deliver something of value to the other person. The three best sales questions lead to the opportunity to be of service.


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