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24: Cleanliness

I travelled home yesterday from Florida after the holidays. The scheduled Uber for the ride to the airport came ten minutes late. That did not surprise me, as the Uber app let me know to allow 15 additional minutes beyond the scheduled time.

What did surprise me was that the Uber car that came was a beater. Dirty. Dented. Depressing. And when I went to open the window for fresh air, I could not. The tinted window was broken. Ugh.

We got to the airport and through security and to our gate. We have been traveling through this airport for over a decade. The carpeting and seating in the gate area is incredibly filthy. Stains. Threadbare. Lots of trash about. Poor air circulation. Worse for wear every year and now beyond the pale. And also overcrowded. Yikes.

Imagine: A clean car for the ride to the airport. A car that the owner takes pride in. That has windows that open and allow you to feel the breeze and see the sun one more time before you leave. And then you get to the airport and it is spotless. The seating area is pleasant to be in and makes waiting for your plane almost a joy.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.


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