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17: Little Things - Chris Smith

I listened this morning to an episode of the "Calls with Chris Smith" podcast - Little Things Make the Largest Impact.

In this episode, Chris talks about why he likes the Florida-based grocery store Publix. Publix's motto is "Where shopping is a pleasure." And for Chris and many other Publix customers, that's what it is.

The reason shopping is a pleasure at Publix is that they get so many little things right:

- The best deals are near the front door and they are really good deals.

- They have nice giveaways: their free samples are world-class.

- There is never a long line: they are overstaffed by design. Someone other than you scans the items and bags them. And there is someone to help you get your bags to your car if you want that help.

- There is more than one place to return your grocery cart.

- There is a (free) old-fashioned scale inside the entrance door.

Based on my own shopping experience at Publix, I would add that a Publix store is clean and well-lit, and the employees are very pleasant.

At Publix, the little things matter. They don't cut corners. They do things right. They are grateful to be part of your shopping experience, and it shows.


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