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129: "I'm so miserable. And it's so delicious!"

This quote from Charlotte Joko Beck's book Everyday Zen: Love and Work (1989) is a real splash of cold water on your face:

My shoulder is sore and throbbing with pain. And it's so delicious!

The offers on homes I presented this week for two buyer clients were not accepted. And it's doubly delicious!

It's freezing cold outside and I cannot move my car because if I do, I will lose my parking space on the street and have nowhere to park. And it's so delicious!

Our new washing machine is broken and because of the pandemic we must wait over a month for a service repair appointment. And it's so delicious!

I am fasting between 8 pm and noon the next day and hence no longer eating anything for 16 hours in a row. And it's so delicious!

Any circumstance in life is paradise itself. Really? Really! My brother-in-law Scott reminds me of this on a regular basis. The thing is, he passed away some time ago. But Scott is still with me, clear as day, in my mind's eye, right here, right now.

"Charles!" Scott exclaims. "You're alive! And it's so delicious!"

And so it is. Life is paradise itself. Even when it's hard. And even when I'm hurting.

Here's another quote to consider:

Yes, that's it!

Learn how to welcome – with curiosity – whatever our life is in each moment.

When I am having anxiety, I am not anxious. Because it's so delicious!

When I am feeling blue, I am not down. Because it's so delicious!.

Really? Really!

This moment, right now, is all right.


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