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125: Where is the wonder?

I found myself with my family on the North Shore of O'ahu over the holidays. We stayed in a bungalow on the beach at Pipeline. One morning while having coffee on the covered front porch, a double rainbow emerged. The wonder of it all! It was right there in front of us. Whoa.

The following week I flew home early on my own to get back for work in Cambridge, Massachusetts. All vacations do end.

I was greeted by a snowstorm and arctic weather, with temperatures dipping into the single digits and a wind chill below zero.

When I went to do a load of laundry, I discovered that our new washing machine had stopped working. Because of the pandemic, the soonest the appliance repairman can make it out to our house is next month.

No double rainbow delight. Just my little upsets and difficulties.

Or – perhaps – my little upsets and difficulties AND the wonder.

Yes, the wonder.

The snow steadily falling and magically lit by the street light.

A snug winter coat keeping me warm despite the cold.

And my mother, who lives a few blocks away, helping me out with my laundry at her house.

The wonder. It's always there.

Next time you are in stuck in traffic and going nowhere, look through the windshield at the sky. It's infinite. Ponder that. The sky is filled with wonder.

Put on a favorite song and marvel at it. Written and performed and coming through the speakers right next to you. Joyful. Wonder-ful.

Make eye contact with the next person you meet today – and smile.

It's there. It's always there.

Wonder is the nature of life itself.


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