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12: Raise Your Standards - Tom Bilyeu

In 2018, I discovered Tom Bilyeu, a successful American entrepreneur who is now building Impact Theory, a company committed to ending the poverty of poor mindset. I encourage you to check out Tom Bilyeu's YouTube channel. Bilyeu is an outstanding interviewer who truly understands the meaning of active listening.

I came upon a compelling three-word Instagram post from Bilyeu last night - RAISE YOUR STANDARDS.

Bilyeu worries that when people hear "accept yourself" they translate that to mean everything is okay with who I am. In Bilyeu's view, "I don't think you should always be satisfied with where you are or how you're acting." Raise your standards.

Raise your expectations of yourself.

First, acknowledge the gap between who you are and who you want to become.

And then start doing something to bridge the gap.

Become more like the person want to be every day.

When one gap is bridged, another opportunity for growth presents itself.

And on and on it goes. If you get up and do you. Raise your standards.


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