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100: Joe Rand - Connection

I am a real estate agent. Recently, I read Joe Rand's book How to be a Great Real Estate Agent (2019). Towards the end of the book, Joe goes through the ten elements of a great client experience.

Number 5 on Joe Rand's list is CONNECTION. In the real estate business, Rand notes, the personal touch is vital. "That's why it's so important," Rand observes,"to build rapport with your clients through the simple process of asking them questions and showing an authentic interest in their answers." Truly connecting with one's clients means really listening to them. All too often, as author Kindra Hall notes, "We talk at people instead of engaging with them."

I used to go on listing presentations. Now I go on listing consultations. When I meet with a prospective seller, we begin with a needs consultation. I ask questions and actively listen to the answers given. We connect. A relationship is born that is nurtured and cared for over time.

My relationships with buyer clients are also informed by connecting. Over time, I develop a deeper understanding of the person's wants and needs with regard to their real estate search. This allows me to help buyers buy the right home.


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