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1: Giving Presentation

Today I met a prospective Cambridge seller client at their home. Our first time meeting. My first time seeing the home. This appointment is called the listing presentation. Before meeting the seller in person, I prepared for the appointment by spending time at my computer seeking to understand as much as possible about the property.

I have been a full-time Realtor in my market since 1999, and over the years I have been involved in hundreds of sales. In this regard, you could say I spent several decades getting ready for this appointment.

A lot happens during a listing presentation. The seller is not only sharing information about the house, but very often also sharing about their situation and timeline.

A listing presentation can be a date without a sequel - or the beginning of a long-term relationship. I always aim to come from abundance rather than scarcity on a listing presentation. Answer every question I can. Advise. Offer counsel. Be honest. My goal is always to give everything I can. To give without the expectation of return is the greatest gift.


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