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7: Communicate

Several weeks ago, I presented an offer for a buyer client on a property. Communication with the listing agent for the seller was somewhat difficult. Ultimately, the listing agent let me know the terms and conditions sought by the seller. My buyer client agreed to these terms and conditions. But then the seller changed his mind. Our revised offer was not accepted. No deal.

Fast forward to a few days ago. I presented a new offer to the listing agent, one with a solution for the seller's concern.

The offer expired 24 hours later without the listing agent communicating with me.

I did finally get the listing agent to update me late that night that the seller would sleep on the offer.

The next day came and went without the listing agent updating me.

I finally reached the listing agent in the evening of the following day.

I learned that the seller did not wish to entertain a solution to his concern. No deal.

This deal not coming together would have been easier to accept if the listing agent had done a better job of communicating. In thinking about the seller not wishing to entertain a solution to his concern, I believe that the listing agent could have learned this from the seller when taking the listing, so that any prospective buyer would know that this concern had to be accepted by any buyer wishing to secure the property. 200 emails and 20 phone calls and 2 offers later, we learned something that most likely could have been communicated to us up front.

Communicate. Connect with your client. With the other agent. With the market.


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