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65: Working on the Fifth Floor

In late 2018, Compass real estate opened a new office in Harvard Square at 1100 Massachusetts Avenue. The office is on the top floor - the fifth floor - of this modern elevator building. I work here with my team - the Charles Cherney Team at Compass.

Here is a picture of my new desk on the fifth floor at 1100 Massachusetts Avenue:

I feel very fortunate sit by a window and have a pleasant Harvard Square cityscape view. Across the open plan office from my desk, I have a big view of the western sky and Harvard's Dunster House cupola and clock tower. It's a stunning sight to behold at the sunset hour. Wow!

As it happens, this is the first time in my twenty-year real estate career that I have even had an office. I worked for eighteen years in a densely-packed open plan office space that felt like a fishbowl. No view there. Just the back of a building. Cold. Poor light. Brutal. After that, I was in a temp office that felt like a closet. Most recently, I was in an overcrowded small office at ground level more or less across the street from where I now sit.

I am struck by what a positive difference it makes for me to sit in such a nice office space. Nothing like twenty years in haphazard office space to make you really appreciate a proper setup. My new office space makes me happy. I am grateful. Come visit me!


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