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54: Go with the Flow

This morning, my buyer client called me and requested that our 9 AM appointment with a home inspector be moved to 10 AM due to a travel delay. I reached both the listing agent and the home inspector and got the green light on the new start time. GO WITH THE FLOW.

With the extra hour, I was able to keep on working at the kitchen table and complete my most recent market report for GO WITH THE FLOW.

My computer right now is only working if I have it plugged in. This meant recording my Facebook Live episode in a different location and not using my computer on the go this afternoon because I did not have my power cord with me. Apple Genius Bar appointment booked for Monday to hopefully fix this issue. GO WITH THE FLOW.

Line too long to get through car wash this morning, so I returned this afternoon. GO WITH THE FLOW.

Checking in on a new listing today coming on the market next week. Entry level floor needed to be cleaned, so I found cleaning supplies and got down on my knees and cleaned it. GO WITH THE FLOW.

Super Bowl tomorrow means that I am getting up earlier and working more on Sunday morning in order to be done with work by kickoff. GO WITH THE FLOW.


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