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49: Realtor's Life

I am a residential real estate agent. Many work days look something like my day today:

Alarm goes off at 6:15 AM. By 6:45 AM, I am up and at the kitchen table answering my first emails for the day. Always something new in my inbox.

Next up, driving my daughter to school by 8 AM.

Thereafter, pick up a key from a real estate office for a showing at 10 AM.

Drive to the property I am showing at 10 AM and spend an hour plus working in my car on my computer completing a valuation analysis for a developer client considering a multi-unit opportunity. My information helps him confirm it is a pass.

Show property at 10 AM. Thereafter, return key to listing agent's office.

Early lunch.

Complete a valuation analysis for a buyer client considering making an offer on a property. Thereafter, speak with this buyer client on the phone about my analysis and the property itself.

Visit in person with a seller client whose home is coming on the market with me next week to review details regarding the property and process. Getting ready to list for sale.

Send out updated information to a seller client on a larger project I am working on.

Complete a valuation analysis for the buyer who visited the home with me at 10 AM. Bids are due on the property tomorrow. Also update my valuation analysis from last year of their current home.

Communicate with the three agents on my team.

Schedule a showing for Wednesday afternoon for a buyer client.

Answer emails.

Now I am getting ready to write up an offer this evening for my buyer client.

A Realtor's life is multi-faceted. On the go!


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