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48: Open House Greetings

As a Realtor, I host many open houses throughout the year. On weekends I am not hosting an open house myself for a seller client, I will usually visit six or more open houses being hosted by other agents. I like to keep up with the inventory.

I visited a number of open houses this weekend. At too many of them, it was a below average experience:

- No genuine greeting. Rather, a head nod or very quiet "hi." And sometimes not even that much acknowledgment.

- No meaningful eye contact - just a glance.

- Hosts more often than not sitting rather than standing, and many absorbed with their phone.

- All too often, no information - no feature sheet or floor plan. And no answers to basic questions.

And it's not just me. While walking around and taking in the place, I notice other visitors enter after me and experience the same bland non-greeting. What a world.

How about this instead?

"Welcome to 123 Main Street. I am Charles Cherney of Compass, the listing agent for the seller. Make yourself at home and let me know if you have any questions. There are feature sheets and floor plans on the kitchen counter."

Snow removal?

- "Handled by the association. Professional service. Covered by condo fee. Condo fee is $198 a month. See the feature sheet for all items it covers."

Average gas and electric bills?

- "Seller reports average bills over 12 months are $49 a month for gas and $68 a month for electric."

Are the other two units owner-occupied?

"Unit 2 is owner-occupied. Unit 3 has a tenant."

Pet policy?

- "Pets with written approval of trustees. One dog and two cats per unit. At present, one small dog in unit 3."

"Thanks for visiting. For more information about the property or to reach me, visit"

It's not rocket science. It's called paying attention to others and doing your job well. Treat others as you would like to be treated - namely, well.


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