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4: Present. Responsive. Committed.

Listening to BBC News overnight, I learned that after 75 years, Venezuela's El Nacional newspaper will stop publishing its print edition in part due to paper shortages.

A print edition requires paper. No paper means no print edition.

El Nacional will live on as an online-only publication.

This story got me thinking about the essential elements that make up a business. That in turn led me to think about the essential elements that define me as business professional.

Here they are:


Here now. In this moment. On a daily basis, this means paying attention to my clients. Focusing on what I need to do for them. In our distracted world, this can mean putting my phone down.


When someone reaches out, I respond. When they ask a question, I seek to discover the answer. When they make a request, I seek to fulfill it. And sooner rather than later.


I am dedicated to my buyer and seller clients. All in. 100%. On Sunday night at 9 pm, when my buyer client calls me to say he wishes to make an offer (and bids are due on Monday morning at 10 am), I stop what I am doing at home, and I get to work. Valuation analysis. Draft offer. Conversation with client. Finalization of offer. And a polished offer submitted at deadline on Monday morning. When a seller client texts me to say that their flight home has been delayed, and they need someone to meet the painters so they can begin work, that someone is me. I am there. And making sure the painters take good care.

I will always be present, responsive and committed. That's how I am. That's who I am.


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