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2: L + D + C - Chris Smith

Tonight I listened again to Episode 4 of "Calls with Chris Smith."

In the podcast, Chris Smith talks about how important it is in your business life to

1) Listen

2) Decide

3) Communicate

For sure, it's easy to skip a step (or two or all three!). Or to not get the order right.

LISTEN - I am a Realtor. If you are a buyer or seller and reach out to me, I need to LISTEN to you. Bernadette Jiwa says "listen twice as much as you talk." And that's exactly what I need to do. And when I do talk, I need to ask questions, so that I can listen to you some more. My goal is to develop an understanding of your situation so that I can help you solve your problem.

DECIDE - The Charles Cherney Team likes to say we will expertly guide you through the home buying or selling process. And we will. After listening to you, we will DECIDE on an action plan. Not unilaterally. But in concert with you our client. For sure, we understand that you as our client will look to us for leadership and guidance. Our decisions represent our commitment to your success.

COMMUNICATE - Be clear. Communicate with clarity. That's easy when you are sharing good news. However, as Chris Smith points out, the hard things about hard things is that sometimes the answer is not easy to accept. Mr. Seller, your property has been on the market for three months. 54 parties have seen it and no one has made an offer. There are three competing listings that are on the market for less. The winter holidays are around the corner. Mr. Seller, it's time to reduce the list price. Say it. Don't shy away from it. Communicate your message.

First listen. Then decide. And last but not least, communicate. Your clients will be grateful. And so will you.


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