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18: Finesse - Bruno Mars

The definition of "finesse" is intricate and refined delicacy. Synonyms include skill, skillfulness, expertise, subtlety, flair, panache, elan, polish, artistry, virtuosity, mastery.

All of the above are on display in this 39-second Bruno Mars "Finesse" video clip. Check it out:

I love this video. - I love that it is from a rehearsal. It looks like there might be a half-dozen others in the audience. No matter. Bruno Mars and the other two dancers are all in. In the zone. - I love that the other two dancers are as compelling to watch as Bruno Mars. Noteworthy that both of them come forward in the middle of the video, and then step to the front again at the end. This dance number belongs to all three of them. - I love that while they are doing the same dance moves, each one has his own signature style.

- I love the energy that builds up and is released at the end. Gives me goose bumps every single time.

Enough already. Watch this again and enjoy!


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