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15: Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles

I have always loved the Beatles. For those like me who grew up in the pre-internet age, this meant listening to them on the radio and buying their records - and then cds. Now and then, a concert clip would come on television. That was all.

These days, you can tune in the Beatles anywhere, anytime, from your phone. Not too long ago, footage of the Beatles last live performance - in 1969 atop the roof of the Apple offices in London - popped up in my Facebook feed. OMG. Before I say anything else, watch it here:

The Beatles do not let you down. I have watched this video countless times and will watch it countless more. There is an irrepressible energy found here that amounts to a master class on the meaning of life in 2 minutes and 29 seconds.

The Beatles done me. They done me good. With their creativity. With their being in the moment. With their joyfulness. And by the magic of modern technology, they are now always with me.


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