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149: Walking and Taking Photographs

I formed the habit of taking regular walks – mostly in Cambridge, Massachusetts – during the pandemic. I have discovered I love walking. For me, it's the best way to exercise. It's also a chance for me to experience and appreciate the world around me. Quite often, I walk down to the Charles River. It's invigorating to walk along the water and behold the Boston skyline across the way.

On my walks, I started taking photos now and then with my iPhone and found myself rediscovering my interest in photography.

Eventually, in the fall of 2022, I picked up a Ricoh GR Xiii camera to take with me on my walks. There's something especially nice about taking photos with an actual camera rather than a phone. No distractions.

I also put this slide show video together featuring some of my photos in The Port neighborhood of Cambridge, MA.

Harvard historian John Stilgoe once wrote a book titled Outside Lies Magic. I believe that. My regular walks with my camera remind of me of the gift of life all around.


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