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140: Guitar master Naudo

Naudo Rodriguez is a self-taught master of the guitar. He is known to live and play on Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands.

Best to begin with experiencing Naudo:

Naudo is playing here at a restaurant. With the exception of the woman on her phone, his magic seems to go unnoticed. As one Youtube commentator says, "Weird how people seem oblivious to how insanely talented this guy is on guitar. Do they realize that they will probably never hear in their life someone play live as well as this gentleman while they wait for a table? I'd be just sitting at his feet thinking everything else can wait. Somebody this talented you just don't see everyday." Indeed! Naudo and his guitar are one. Listening and watching him play, I am reminded of this quote from Osho:

Naudo is porous. The music flows through him and the guitar in his hands. He is at ease. No need for the audience he does not have here. Being part of the music he makes is more than enough – it is everything. Chuan Tzu says, "Such is the perfect man – his boat is empty." Playing, Naudo is empty of ego but full of life, of music.

What I or anyone else can say about Naudo doesn't really matter. What matters is Naudo playing. Nothing else matters.


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