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13: Say Hello - Gary Vaynerchuk

I am inching my way through Gary Vaynerchuk's 7.5 hour vlog post in Dubai. Lots of nuggets to be found here.

During a question and answer session, a young man says he doesn't have friends, and so he asks Gary how to find them. Gary says you find your friends by learning how to say hello.

The right way to say hello is about paying attention:

LOOK at the person.

ASK a meaningful question or MAKE a meaningful statement.

LISTEN to what the other person has to say in reply.

And see where this takes you.

Perhaps it is simply a one-and-done quality interaction.

Or perhaps it leads to one of you making an introduction to someone else.

Or to you learning something you did not know.

Or perhaps it leads to a meaningful connection - and connecting again.

I am a Realtor. I attend a real estate conference each year. I understand that the opportunities to say hello to others in attendance is likely even more important than listening to the speakers on the main stage.

What's remarkable about Gary Vaynerchuk's 7.5 hour vlog of his day in Dubai is how many people he says hello to. Literally hundreds. What's even more remarkable is that Gary pays attention to every person he meets. He is never on auto-pilot. He has learned how to say hello. In the video below, Gary says hello to Jewel. You'll be happy you watched this.

Learn how to say hello and find your friends. It's better than life passing you by.


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