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115: Bobby Dylan

While reading a biography of Bob Dylan, I was stopped in my tracks by this quote below about him.

A college student at the University of Minnesota in 1959 who was no longer living at the fraternity on campus and literally just getting by, Bobby Dylan – as he was known to many then – was frequently short of money and hungry and sleeping wherever he could find a place to stay. And singing songs and playing his guitar (when not in the pawn shop!) - STILL IT WAS NOT EASY TO FIND PLACES THAT WOULD LET HIM PLAY.

And yet Dylan did just that - He PLAYED. He kept performing. Writing songs. Living his life. Discovering himself.

If you are feeling afraid right now, take a moment and picture Bobby Dylan, turfed by his fraternity and hungry and auditioning to perform at a coffeehouse in Dinkytown - and not getting the gig.

And so what does Bobby do? Bobby stands on the corner in the cold Minnesota night and HE SINGS AND PLAYS.

Sing your songs. Play your guitar. Live your life. You and everyone else will be the beneficiaries.


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