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107: Darlin' Commit Me - Steve Earle

I came upon this video not too long ago of Steve Earle singing his own song "Darlin' Commit Me" and I cannot stop watching it. I am pretty sure I could watch and listen to it over and over all day long and still want to watch and listen to it again. Check it out!

Here are Steve Earle's lyrics:

Darlin' Commit Me

Darlin' I'm beggin', down on my knees

Darlin' I'm pleadin' insanity

You sign the papers, I'll gladly go

Darlin' commit me, I can't take it no more

I'd be so happy, and you would be too

You'd have my money, and I'd have my own room

Go call the judge girl, Lord there's no need to wait

Darlin' commit me before its too late

And it'd be so peaceful

It'd be so quiet

Ain't no clock to punch

No time no day no night

No books to balance

No checks to bounce

Just four worn, rubber walls and no way out

So lock up my body and set my soul free

Darlin' commit me and swallow the key

I know you miss me but there's no need to grieve

You get the pots and the baskets I weave

I said that I'm dead girl, people talk so they know

Darlin' commit me and no one will know

Won't have to worry no more girl

I'll be in the looney bin

I'll play Parcheezy, all day with my looney friends

Won't have to comb my hair girl

I won't have to shave

I won't have to race the guy next door

to see whose the first one in his grave

I'm schizophrenic, I'm psychotic too

Darlin' commit me its the least you can do

Darlin' commit me its the least you can do

This classic performance was recorded for Heartworn Highways, a documentary film by James Szalapski that features some of the founders of the Outlaw Country movement in Texas and Tennessee in the last weeks of 1975 and the first weeks of 1976. The film was not released theatrically until 1981. I did not get around to seeing this documentary film myself until 2020 via Amazon Prime. I don't know what you think, but for me this performance is timeless! It's hard to believe it was recorded almost 50 years ago!

Heartworn Highways covers singer-songwriters whose songs are more traditional to early folk and country music instead of following in the tradition of the previous generation. Some of film's featured performers are Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, David Allan Coe, Rodney Crowell, Gamble Rogers, Steve Young, and The Charlie Daniels Band.

The movie features the first known recordings of Grammy award winners Steve Earle and Rodney Crowell.

So, back to the video. It's among the recordings made one night in the 1970s at Guy Clark's house in Nashville, Tennessee.

A bunch of talented musicians singing and playing for one another and for the love of playing music. No pretensions. No egos gone astray.

Pull up a chair and join the party that night. You won't want to leave!

And one more for good measure. Rodney Crowell is mesmerizing!

YouTube is a treasure trove. It is marvelous to know I am carrying this party around in my pocket at all times. Darlin' commit me!


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