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8: Creating Our Way - Bernadette Jiwa

I have just read Bernadette Jiwa's book "Story Driven" (2018).

Jiwa closes her book by asking, "What does your good day look like?"

"What are your reasons to be alive and doing what you do as only you can?" asks Jiwa."You need to know. Because what we do today affects who we'll be tomorrow." For sure, your reasons for being alive and doing what you are doing require self-reflection and a measure of deep thought.

Jiwa writes, "We often talk about finding our way as we navigate through life. I'd argue that we're creating our way instead, by understanding what success means to us and being deliberate and intentional about working towards it."

In Jiwa's view, "The secret to being exceptional is in the small choices we make moment-to-moment.

The student who organizes his notes from the very first lecture of the first semester.

The tram driver who makes his passengers smile on a wet Monday morning.

The airline lounge attendant who cares.

The athlete who pushes through the last three uncomfortable repetitions.

The CEO who intentionally seeks out and acts on the wisdom of her team.

The doctor who greets his patients warmly, shaking them by hand.

Ordinary people, making small choices that transform them into the people who are creating the future we all want to see."

Aim to make meaningful small choices again and again and again. It adds up to an exceptional life. A good one. One worth living.


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