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76: Sprained Ankle

On my walk back to the office today after lunch at Darwin's, I missed a step on the uneven sidewalk on Putnam Avenue and stumbled badly and fell down, spraining my ankle. At first, I could not even stand up. When I finally did, I had a hard time walking. Ah, life!

I found some ice and elevated my leg when I got back to my desk. Dealing with the pain slowed down my afternoon work.

I had a showing tonight near the office, and I gingerly walked there. After the showing, I was walking to my car, crossing slowly in a crosswalk. A man about my age in a sports car beeped at me for not walking faster. Didn't I know the world revolved around him and my having a sprained ankle was no reason not to hurry along?

More ice and Advil at home. Nothing like a simple sprained ankle to appreciate anew the miracle we often taken for granted every day with regard to getting around and breathing and living.

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