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72: Ben Watt - "These Days"

My favorite band is Everything But the Girl.

They are made up of the English husband-wife duo of Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn.

I love Ben Watt's live rendition of "These Days." You can listen to it here. Just Ben Watt and his guitar. Beautiful.

Here are the lyrics:

I've been out walking

I don't do too much talking these days

These days

These days I seem to think a lot about the things that I forgot to do

All the times I had

I had the chance to.

Now I've stopped my ramblin'

And I don't too much gamblin' these days

These days

These days I seem to think about

How all the changes came about my way

And I wonder if I'll see

I'll see another highway

Now I had a lover yeah

I don't think I'd risk another these days

These days

And if I seem afraid to live the life I have made in song

Well, it's just that I've been losing out so long.

Now I've stopped my dreaming

I won't do too much scheming these days

These days

These days I sit on corner stones

And count the time in quarter tones to ten

Please don't confront me with my feelings

I've not gotten in.


What a wonderful song. Who doesn't have regrets? And things that hurt. And fear right now or for maybe what's next. Despite it all, there is an underlying hope found in this song. Lovely.


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