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5: Do You - Gary Vaynerchuck

My nephew graduated from college yesterday. Congratulations, Tyler!

Greatest gift for Tyler is the same for all of us - Do You.

Gary Vaynerchuk believes mightily in not caring what other people think. The biggest reason so many people are unhappy right now is that they value someone else's opinion more than their own. Going to graduate school because that's what mom believes is the right thing to do. Staying in the area rather than traveling abroad because Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary say that's what they would do.

Accepting the high-paying job offer even though you are not excited about it, because, as your friends say, you have to pay the bills.

And on and on it goes. Until that negative voice in your head is your own. If you let it. Don't.

STOP IT. Get quiet. Listen to yourself. And starting doing you.

And don't judge yourself! Say that you want to go abroad. And so you do. But it's not what you hoped for or expected. That's fine. Come home! When you meet someone on the return flight that changes your life, you will begin to understand that doing you has a magical way of working out. No regret. Emerging self-awareness. Do you.


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