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27: And? - Gary Vaynerchuk

As Gary Vaynerchuk points out, "Life is about alternatives."

You either dwell on your circumstances - or you don't.

Wherever you find yourself, the question is simply this: What are you gonna do about it?

Gary Vaynerchuk suggest you default into saying “And?”

After preparing a six-property real estate tour, my buyer client cancelled at the last minute.


My website is down.


I did not get hired to list the house for sale.


I wasn't invited to the party.


As Gary notes, "You either dwell, or you use 'And?' to realize everyone’s got shit that they have to overcome."

Complaining doesn't solve anything. Blaming someone else does change the reality.

Reschedule the cancelled property tour.

Contact the company that hosts your website and let them know the site is down.

Thank the seller who considered hiring you to list their house for sale and learn from the at bat.

Meet up with a friend or stay home and read a good book when you're not at the party.



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