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25: T.G.I.F. - The Grind Includes Friday

I am a Realtor with a team of three full-time agents. As such, I am a small business owner.

Today, I was on the phone getting instructions on cancelling one workman's comp policy, as a new policy is now in place with a different carrier. Form emailed to me to be completed. Witness signature required. To be done this weekend.

I was then on the phone with the folks helping with the administration of our 401K. Getting guidance on how to make the regular contributions after running each payroll. An additional session to be scheduled for new week for training on steps to be taken by me so that all is in order throughout the year.

On the phone again after that with the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance office, sorting out online user name and password and account number issues for portal access. On hold to begin with for 40 minutes. And then on hold again for another 40 minutes after issues explained. Once issues were resolved, I had to contact our payroll company to update them on insurance rates for new year so that we are in compliance with the law. Task completed.

I also met with a new member of our team this afternoon, to review a variety of on-boarding items and to work through some tech support issues.

This morning I met with a seller client, and thereafter I stopped by a future seller client's home to see some recently completed work. And throughout the day, I was in email communication with a dozen other clients, planning a variety of appointments: staging; a photo shoot; interior designer meeting at a property; and an in-person conference at the office to discuss a buyer's search.

I just called someone back to schedule a listing meeting tomorrow. And now I am going to work on my monthly market report.

TGIF: The Grind Includes Friday.


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